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Student Finances

We offer flexible and affordable quality education with a range of bursaries. You can contact a member of our Student Services team for further advice and guidance.

UK/EU Students

At Brooksby Melton College we recognise that the costs of undertaking a Higher Education course can be daunting. However, money need not be a barrier to you participating in Higher Education. This page is intended as a guide to the range of financial support packages available to students to help meet the costs associated with study.

Prior to starting your course you will need to consider how you will afford some of the following costs: tuition fees, examination/registration fees, travel costs, equipment/materials, uniform/specialist kit and childcare costs if you have a young child/children.

If you wish to enroll on a Higher Education course, you can apply for a Higher Education loan to cover your tuition fees and help towards your living costs. The main types of finance available are tuition fee loans and maintenance loans (which have to be paid back) and bursaries (which don’t). The amount you will be eligible for depends on your income and that of your household.

2020/21 Tuition Fees

Following a number of years of investment in both teaching and learning practices and facilities, the college is better placed to provide the highest level of support to recruit and retain students on Undergraduate programmes. Our tuition fees for 2020/21 are as follows:

Awarding Body Programme Type Tuition Fee (2020/21 – first year starters)
University of Bolton PGCE £3000 per year
University of East Anglia Degree & Foundation Degrees £7500 per year
University of East Anglia Top-up Degree £7500 per year

For the 2020/21 academic year, first year starter tuition fees are to be set no higher than £7,500 for all Foundation Degree and Degree programmes of study. Fees for part-time studies are calculated on a pro rata basis. It will be levied to all United Kingdom students and to students who are nationals of any other state of the European Union.

Students progressing onto a ‘Top-up’ Honours Degree directly after one of our Foundation Degree programmes, in the same mode of study, will be regarded as ‘continuing students’. Their fees will therefore be as per the rate at the start of their studies.

For the 2020/21 academic year, Teacher Training/ PGCE tuition fees are to be set no higher than £7,500 per programme of study. Fees for part-time studies are calculated on a pro rata basis. It will be levied to all United Kingdom students and to students who are nationals of any other state of the European Union.

Paying Your Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are to be paid on your first day of study, either by Student Finance or by yourself – if you are financing your studies.

If you are applying for a Student Loan for 2020/21, you will be able to do this from February/March 2020. To cover the costs of studying you can apply for:

  • Tuition Fee Loan to cover your tuition fees in full
  • A Maintenance Loan for living costs like accommodation, food and transport costs
  • Scholarships and bursaries from BMC and UoB
  • Extra financial help if you have a disability, children, or adults depending on you

Full-time and part-time students have to pay back any loans plus interest once they complete their course and start earning more than £26,575 per year. You do not have to pay back grants, scholarships or bursaries.

Check out this handy guide from Student Finance England for more information.

You can contact our Student Services team for any help regarding finance:

T: 01664 855279 E: 

Maintenance Loan

This loan helps towards living costs (e.g. accommodation, food and travel) whilst you study with us.

Students living away from home can receive up to £9,203 in support whilst studying at the College, though the actual amount received and your contribution to the loan will depend on your household income (though some of the loan can be received without having a household income assessment carried out).

Apply through Student Finance England (SFE) – from Feb/March 2020. The deadline for applications is 9 months after the start of the academic year. Apply before the end of May 2020 to get your loan/grant in place for the start of your course in September 2020.

  1. Register with
  2. Make a note of your CRN (customer reference number), keep it safe and remember your password.
  3. Start filling out the form online – just like UCAS, save it each time you log off so you can keep going back to complete it.
  4. You are now asked for details of your first choice provider/university and given a calculation of your entitlement. If you change your mind about your provider/university choices, you will need to change these details.
  5. SFE verifies your status using the HM Passport Office – so you need to input your passport number (alternatively, you can send them your birth certificate).
  6. Your parents need to input information from the previous tax year using their P60 and other documents.
  7. Once completed, check the form thoroughly before submitting it to SFE.
  8. Use your CRN and password to check progress, change details or ask questions.
  9. If you have problems, refer to the SFE homepage or call 0300 100 06 07 (SFE helpline).
  10. For all UCAS and student loan applications, quote B92 (Brooksby Melton College number) and then your course code (available on the individual course pages on this website, or in our Higher Education course guide).

You will start repaying your loans the April after you finish your course, however you will only start repaying if you are earning over £26,575.

You pay back 9% of anything you earn over that £26,575 threshold.

You are charged interest on your loan from the time you get your first payment in Higher Education until you pay your loan back in full. Your monthly payments are fixed but the overall amount you pay back will increase because interest is added to it. You will pay this interest back by making payments over a longer period of time. You can also repay your loan quicker if you want to by making extra repayments on top of your monthly repayments. The amount of interest you are charged varies.

Your circumstances Interest rate 
Whilst studying and until the April after leaving the course RPI + 3% (5.4%)
If you come into repayment from April 2020 Variable interest, dependent upon income. RPI (2.4%), where income is £26,575 or less, rising on a sliding scale up to RPI + 3% (5.4%), where income is £47,835 or more.
If you lose touch with SLC or do not send them the information they require RPI + 3% (5.4%), irrespective of income, until SLC have the information they require.


You pay 9 per cent of your income over £26,575.

Your income per year Monthly repayments (including interest)
£26,575 and under No repayments
£30,000 £26.00
£40,000 £100.00
£50,000 £175.00
£60,000 £250.00



Support Criteria Total Fund
1 BMC Bursary Financial support to households with an income of less than £16,000, care leavers or estranged students.


Financial support to households with an income of greater than £16,000 or less than £25,000 and from a Polar 1 postcode.

Awards up to £750 p/a




Awards up to £500 p/a

2 BMC Access to Learning Fund (ALF) Financial support to students from households with an income of less than £30,000 to pay for essential items. Award of up to £250 p/a (for accommodation, food transport, study, resources) £2500
*Recipients are able to choose the type of support: fee waiver or cash payment.

Applying for an award

  • If you wish to apply for Brooksby Melton Bursary or the BMC ALF Fund please fill in and submit the BMC Access to Learning Form (along with any evidence requested)
  • Click here to download the form.
  • If successful, applicants will only be eligible for one of the BMC Awards


Deadline for Applications:

  • 13:00 on Friday 23rd October 2020