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Brooksby Lake

Who are QAA and what do they do?

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) review Higher Education provision, wherever it is offered. They produce reports on what those reviews find and we work with institutions to encourage continual improvement in quality.

The QAA is a UK-wide body whose job is to safeguard the public interest.

What have QAA to say about Brooksby Melton College Higher Education provision?

The college was last reviewed in October 2014 under the new QAA quality process Higher Education Review (HER). The College is not due for a further review for approx 4 years.

The October 2014 findings were:

As a result of its investigations, the Summative review team have awarded the following outcomes for its review;

  • The maintenance of the threshold academic standards of the awards offered on behalf of degree-awarding bodies meets UK expectations
  • The quality of student learning opportunities meets UK expectations
  • The quality of the provider’s information about learning opportunities meets UK expectations
  • The enhancement of student learning opportunities meets UK expectations

Good practice

The report highlights the following instances of good practice that the review team considers make a positive contribution to the students’ learning experiences:

  • The rigorous programme approval processes in place to ensure that higher national qualifications fit with the strategic plans of the College (B1)
  •  The support provided for staff members to complete scholarly activity (B3)


The report includes some recommendations for consideration by the provider;

By May 2015:

  • Ensure that the procedures for student complaints are easily accessible (B9, C)
  • Ensure that all public facing course information consistently includes reference to the relevant awarding body (C)

By July 2015:

  • Routinely make external examiner reports available to students (B7, C)

By September 2015:

  • Implement a more rigorous method of measuring the effectiveness of its higher education teaching on a regular basis (B3)
  • Implement arrangements for student representation at all levels to promote partnership in quality assurance and enhancement (B5)
  • Ensure the effective oversight of students’ work based learning including the provision of appropriate support and information for employers (B10, C)

The college response and action plan can be found here.

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