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About Us

The Rural Catering Centre

Our Mission: ‘Your Career, Our Focus’

Brooksby Melton College is a leading provider enhancing the local and regional economy.  Through its specialist provision and unique assets Brooksby Melton College strives to meet the needs of students, rural businesses and employers across Melton, Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

Dedicated to Higher Education & Degree Students

The College has been delivering Degree programmes for over 20 years and has an established and maturing approach to our Higher Education offer.  With dedicated HE social and study areas on both campuses, alongside industry standard vocational facilities you have everything you need for achieving well.

With high contact hours and high quality, industry professional lecturers you will be well supported and taught through your time at college.

College Campuses

Brooksby Melton College is a small further and higher education high-quality Specialist College with approximately 1,600 students, 200 of which are higher education students.

It operates on two main sites;

  • The Rural Land-Based Studies Brooksby Campus

The Brooksby Campus is a 850 acre estate which includes a working farm, a banqueting and conference centre, and Brooksby Equestrian Centre.

  • The Creative and Service Industries Melton Campus

The Melton Campus boast state of the art dance and media studios alongside a 500 seat commercial theatre, restaurant and hair and beauty salon.

Emphasis has been placed on the full integration of commercial activity into the curriculum to add value to the student experience. The College also has residential facilities for up to 35 students on its Brooksby campus.

The college has recently undergone a major £28m capital redevelopment of its estate, with work completed in September 2015. This investment will ensure the college is able to provide HE students with high quality industry standard facilities. It will support the development of high level vocational skills and academic knowledge needed for students to be competitive in the current employment market.

Higher Education Strategy

The college has been delivering Higher Education programmes since 1993 through its University partnerships. The college saw steady improvement leading up to its recent Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Review in October 2014, where it received a judgement of confidence in managing its academic standards, confidence in managing the quality of learning opportunities and a reliance on the accuracy of public information.

During 2015 the Board of Governors approved its key strategic objective for higher education 2015 -2020 based on student feedback and internal reports.


HE Strategic Objective 1: To be a high quality HE provider with effective teaching, support, assessment and learning resources which are continually monitored and reviewed.


HE Strategic Objective 2: Create a positive student experience.

HE Strategic Objective 3: Build and extend on the College’s established specialisms as a quality provider of Higher Education learning opportunities.

Innovation and Development

HE Strategic Objective 4:  Establish a unique Higher Education Programme of Study.

HE Strategic Objective 5: Increase and retain the number of students wishing to study vocational specialist Higher Education Programmes as outlined in our annual Access Agreement.

HE Strategic Objective 6: Enhance the College’s reputation and ensure the Higher Education offer is publicly available and accurate in line with QAA/CMA requirements.